Weilla Z.

I have taken several ski lessons with Capt. Jim during this season and have experienced a marked improvement since I started.  After each class, I feel I'm better than at the beginning of the class.  Jim's step-by-step teaching style  really works for me, and I believe it will work well for most students.  Besides, his devotion to teaching inspires me to learn faster and explore more fun on skis!

JCrue Crew

Deserving and honored Capt. Jim!  Thank You!  The "JCrue Crew" had such a great time snowboarding with you at Mt. High.  You definitely went above and beyond and exceeded any expectation.  The video is amazing, fun, and has such great energy.  The JCrue boys are thrilled to see themselves in action and I am sure they will replay the complete version over and over in order to "fine tune" their skills.  In years to home, how fun it will be to see themselves at 16 and 14 at Mt. High's 2011-12 season.

I am still amazed that you have the keen ability to ski along with your camera and yet capture through your lens live action with such great quality.  It was one spectacular day, and you truly made it happen.  Thank you for my treasured memories on film... it is so great watching the JCrue boys shredding at Mt. High and it is more than just a video - it is a creative piece of art.

Steve & Stephany E.

Thank you so much, Capt. Jim. Stephany and I love the DVD and had so much fun with you while filming it.  You did a great job on the editing and all our friends have commented on what a top-notch product you made.  I have passed on your contact information with the highest of compliments!


Michael R.

Love the video !  I liked being able to see how I look and to make the adjustments on my shredding the very next time I went to the mountain.  Thanks, Jim


Connor H.

I love the movie that you shot and, particularly, the music that you put to it.  Thanks for including the wipe-out in the Internet Highlight Version, as well.  :)


Jim W.

Jim provided my 12 year old son, Steve, with the best ski day ever.  Great photography, music... and pointers to improve his ability.  We had a blast!


Jessica M.

I received the second movie we shot and am SO happy with it!!  I think it's even better than the first, it that's possible.  I love the angles, the music, the Slo-Mo's... everything!  You definitely know how to make people look good!  I couldn't stop smiling during the whole video... and the video frame grabs!  I showed some friends and my parents and they think it is awesome, too.  Again, I'm so happy with how you put it together!  THANKS!


Craig Y.

Once again, thanks "SOOOOO" much for setting the private viewing up for us.  We all had a great time.  The video was great.  I showed it to my wife last night and she really loved it.  Next year at Mammoth we want to have you do one with our family.


Danielle S.

Wow, you did such an amazing job with the video.  I absolutely love it and now my whole family gets to see what I am off doing all the time. =)


Johnny M.

Jim, it looks really good man!  You're a pro!  I got a kick out of the slow-mo with the 'Pac-Man death' music when I fell.  Simply awesome!


Rusty G.

Wow!  I've got a big stupid smile on my face after watching the web video.  You do nice work.  I almost spit out hot chocolate when I saw the part where I had a sit down on the way to Ranger's and heard the 'cartoon skid marks' you added.  Nice touch, classic... even funnier in SloMo.

I do see that I have to trust that going faster over the jumps is better... smoother landings with more speed.  I'm really going to enjoy viewing the DVD on my 100" projector screen... and I'm looking forward to doing this again next season.  Thanks a million!


Kim D.

Thanks for making me a SnowSportVideos Star!  You did a great job!  I also like the title.  It grabs.  Looking forward to watching the DVD with my dad who is also excited to see my skiing star rise.


Jessica M.

I LOVE the video!!!!  I was looking forward to this all day!!:)  I am sooo excited to finally have some documentation of me riding!!  The music is great (I'm a big Tom Petty fan, so it definitely works!!), the  shots and angles are awesome, the SloMo's are great, I love the captions... the whole thing is so great!!

I'm so happy to have this... and even more excited for the next one, because I think you're right, there should be some better jumps in it... but regardless, this all means so much to me... good jumps, falls, and all!!


Tom C.

Wow!  The video is awesome!  Very professionally done and much, much better than I had ever imagined.  Your camera work is truly amazing!  I had no idea that we were able to get some of the great footage you captured.

After seeing this video, I would recommend this experience to my very best friends and I look forward to personally working with you in the future.  Again Jim, many thanks & Kudos on the great job.


Debbie W.

Having Capt. Jim shoot a video of me and my 12-year old granddaughter snowboarding was one of the most fun things we have ever done.  We are not that great at boarding, but the video memorializes that we do have a lot of fun.  Although I have been boarding for a while, seeing myself in the video has motivated me to want to push myself to the next level, (improve my carving, more speed, some jumps maybe).

I keep the video loaded and ready to play on my computer at work and show it to anyone who comes by and asks, "So, did you go snowboarding this weekend?"  They think it's awesome to have such great memories to look back on.  I can't wait to do another shoot.


Witold S.

Thank you very much for this video.  It is fantastic!  It was really a pleasure working with you during the making of this movie.


Dr. John

When I arrived at the East parking lot that day and noticed all the race gear bedecked kids sharpening edges and waxing skis I assumed the Team Mountain High "mosquito pack" was having a closed course event. I had wanted to run at least one NASTAR during the season but had been unable to be there on the couple of pre-announced dates. This one was not posted on the web site as far as I know, so I was very pleased to learn that anyone could pay the fee and run the course after the kids had completed runs for the Team Mountain High event. Then I got the additional good news that Jim would be allowed to run behind or beside me to capture the experience.

I have, in a previous lifetime, run a few gates... but haven't a single picture to show off. Now I've got some video memories. What a treat! By the way there was some discussion about giving me an additional handicap for the drag caused by my beard however I turned it down in the spirit of competitive fair play. Oh yeah, Jim ran the course as well without the cam. He finished miles ahead of me. Must have been the beard.  Thank you, Jim.


Tony G.

After many years of snowboarding, this is the first time I have been able to watch myself snowboarding.  I was able to see different aspects of my riding that I will be changing next season.  Have a nice summer, and I look forward to another video with you next season.


Patricia B.

Jim, we LOVE the video!!!  Everything is perfect, the music, title captions, all of it!  We can't wait to show the family in Russia and have already sent the link to those who have computers and Yuri is taking the DVD with him when he flies to Russia on Monday!


Mark P.

Watching the video puts a smile on my face.  Great documentation of an awesome day at Mountain High making some turns with my buddy Mike.  [We] were pleasantly surprised not only about the great job with the editing, but the music you picked was right on, which added a cool surf adventure vibe to the whole thing.  It's like you really do get us.  Right On, Jim!


Mike G.

Yeah, it makes me really happy, too.  It is like a permanent vacation day I can play whenever I want.  The music is half the fun.  HONK baby...


Dr. John G.

Jim's virtuosity on skis is hard to surpass, but he does it with his camera work.  I have two great disc souvenirs of mine and my daughter's days at Mountain High.  I've emailed my web [highlight] version to several skiing buddies and they are impressed.  Our Florida relatives now have seen Kaylee on her snowboard.  Both discs are well viewed.  Thank you, Jim!


Gregg J.

It has been three weeks since you filmed me at Mountain High... and for me to get back to you with a Triple AAA rating on your work.  "Pure Alpine Pleasure" was exactly what I experienced as you recorded my moves, including the 'leg breaker'.  Thank you again for a memory I'll keep for years to come!


Jon G-Force

I just checked out my movie's web version: A LOT OF FUN... you did a great job!  I like everything about it, including the "G-Force" title.  It's so ironic you wrote that, with my long last name I've gone through life as Jon G and I love to Super-G it.

Good ski porn... gets you stoked for the mountain!


Nima M.

The videos [DVD & Web Version] are awesome.  We had a great day on the slopes and then a video to remember it all.  Thanks, Jim.


Tammy M.

We loved the whole process of making our DVD.  We have two young boys who just started skiing, their dad who is a good skier, and then mum who can just about get down the hill !  So, a lot of different abilities... and Jim was kind, professional and patient with everyone and made the whole process a pleasure.  The children were so excited to be filmed whilst skiing and I was just so pleased to finally have a picture/video of the whole family together (usually at least one of us is missing).

This DVD gives us a great memory of a fun day as a family together.   It will be something I will keep for always and look forward to making another - perhaps next season to see how everyone is improving!  Jim, thank you for everything!


Mark & Kevin S.

[We] love this!  I sent the web link out to a number of friends and they all love it too!  I really enjoyed skiing with you and I look forward to hiring you to do another film.  Your video is a 'must-have' for anyone who loves to board!  See you soon.


Brent H.

"WOW !!  Jim you really have a gift... it's not just your tremendous skiing ability that enables you to stay on top of the action and attain such priceless footage, but it's the amount of detail and care you put into your craft that makes your product so meaningful!  Job well done... you really know how to make us look like stars!  Looking forward to making many more memories with the Snow Sports Crew!  Peace.

Glenn F.

"Just had a blast watching my video online!  I'm working here in the office but now feel like I'm right back up there on the slope having fun!  Really fine job you did on this, Jim.  I'm very impressed!"


Robert R.

"FANTASTIC !  You were right, this is a lot of fun.  Very impressed with how stable the picture is, and that's not easy to do while skiing.  Thank you very much for a job well done, and I hope to ski with you again soon.


Linda S.

"You filmed my dad John this week at Mountain High - what an awesome video!

How can I get a copy?  Thank you so much for doing this!"


Tanner McD

"Thank you so much Captain Jim.  My video looks awesome!"


Barry R.

"I found that until I saw what I looked like skiing I only knew what I felt like. Big difference. Now I can work on my form and stance and see a difference as well as feel the change.

My parents are very old and would never be able to see just why I am such a skiing fanatic. Finally they were able to see some of the things I could only talk with them about. Sometimes people just don't understand what it is that makes the winter so great... Now, I can share the good times and bloopers with my friends."


Bill B.

"The video makes me feel as if I am on my edge coming down the hill again. It puts me right there on the mountain."


Angel P.

"For years I had received feedback from ski instructors and skiing buddies alike about improving certain aspects of my technique, to no avail. Being able to actually watch myself ski makes all the difference by allowing me to pinpoint and improve on those areas I need to work on. It's also been a great way to remember a great day on the mountain.


Kristin V.

"Having a video of myself snowboarding not only makes my heart race but I also get a chance to see how I REALLY look on the mountain... I no longer have to ask how high I am jumping or about my technique or style. I get to see it for myself, over and over again. And so do my friends and family who can't come watch in person. What a great idea!!! These videos are the best!"


Carlos L.

"I watched last year's video throughout the off-season... and my first two days of skiing this year have been the best I've ever had! I credit the SnowSportVideos and being able to watch and critique myself for this huge improvement in my alpine abilities."

Blue Angels